Naturally Free Your Pet & Home Of Fleas

Summer is practically here and with it should come those pesky fleas. Fleas are not really a nuisance they're dangerous to pets and people. They can be carriers of diseases such as bubonic plague, typhus, bartonella henselae (aka cat scratch fever), and when not controlled may cause flea allergy dermatitis as well as anemia in pets. Make no mistake about any of it discovering fleas in your own home or on your pets should be used seriously.

Fleas can reproduce very quickly. In only one fleas lifetime (about two weeks) she can lay hundreds and hundreds of eggs. Once these eggs hatch the larva will become feeding on pet hair, flea feces, dried blood, or any other disgusting organic matter found in carpets, furniture, and on your own pets. This makes pest control essential.

After feeding this larva will spin a cocoon in which it can lay dormant for approximately per year awaiting a victim. The utilization of pesticides on fleas while in this cocoon stage is pointless. They are almost completely immune to poisons. There's not a pesticide on the market today that may kill them completely or consistently whilst in the cocoon stage.

Unfortunately, even when fleas could be killed using pesticides there's still the concern over the chemicals being used. Many pesticides come in themselves a problem for the fitness of your family and pets.

In April 2009, advisories from the EPA regarding spot-on type flea treatments started initially to be released. The EPA reported receiving over 44,000 reports of side effects in pets. Those reactions ranged from mild skin irritation to seizures and death (600 deaths in line with the report).

Cyphenothrin and permethrin are just two products which can be used in many flea treatments that have which can be problematic, particularly for smaller dogs and cats.

What exactly is the best alternative for the consciences pet owner? Go natural!

Believe it aren't there are many simple methods to combat flea infestations which work just as good or even much better than using toxic chemicals.

The initial and among the most crucial things you are able to do is vacuum. Vacuuming daily will rid your carpets of those cocoon stage fleas. The warmth generated from the vacuum will also encourage them to hatch within their more vulnerable stage so that they can be managed swiftly. When possible make use of a vacuum with a case and dump the bag promptly after vacuuming the floors and furniture. Yes, you'll need to vacuum all the furniture as well. When you have a current infestation daily vacuuming is certainly one of your best defenses. As you is likely to be targeting the fleas and the eggs before they have to be able to hatch and multiply.

Also keepin constantly your pet healthy and feeding a healthier diet will assist you to discourage fleas. The greater shape your pet is in the less attractive they will be to nesting fleas. Pest control Penrith can help you maintain a home free from pests and fleas.

Garlic can be utilized to rid your pet of fleas. However, garlic must be used with caution as it can certainly be toxic to your pet when given in the incorrect amounts. Discus the usage of garlic for flea control together with your vet to find out the best amount for your pets body weight. There's also many natural store bought mineral supplements for the pet such as for example diatomaceous earth.

Prevention is key. Maintaining your pet bathed and brushed and performing regular full body inspection for parasites is a good idea.

There's also a number of natural alternatives to pesticides including stuff like cedar oil, rosemary extract, citronella and many more.

Lastly, I would like to offer you one of my simplest and favorite flea prevention methods for the pets bed.

For whatever reason fleas hate eucalyptus. I like to create these cute little pouches of eucalyptus for my pet's bed. Listed here are simple instructions on how to make your "flea free pet bed" pouch.

You will require:

A small number of fresh eucalyptus steams (available at many hobby stores and florist.)

One 10" round cut cheese cloth and other breathable material.

One 3 inch strip of ribbon.

Tear your eucalyptus into small 1-2 inches strips and place it in the midst of your cheese cloth. Gather the edges of the cloth to the center creating the tiny pouch which encases your eucalyptus. Tie the gather with a ribbon utilizing the ribbon. Couldn't be simpler.

You may wish to place this pouch inside of one's pets bed. In ways that the pet will not be able to access it. Place one pouch per pet bed.

Not only can this help to help keep fleas away from your pets bedding it will smell nice. You may wish to replace the eucalyptus in the pouch at the very least monthly for best results.

They are only a several natural ways you can discourage fleas in your house and in your pet. There are lots of recipes for homemade flea shampoos and sprays. Additionally there are many natural shampoos and sprays being sold on the market.

Don't allow your pets or your loved ones to become food for these nasty bugs this summer. Use prevention methods and be ready to accept trying the natural alternatives for elimination and prevention of fleas. Here is wishing all pets a flea free summer.